Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flat Tire Sunday!

Gina didn't ride today, she had things to do elsewhere. Being appointed trustee in her father's affairs is a pretty demanding job. Has been for a few months now. It's nice to know people have faith in you and trust you but wow, there is a lot of work and responsibilities that go with it! Lawyer, court date, the realtor, wow!

So anyway she was unable to ride so I started out with Jose and Aimee. After a couple of miles I was doing pretty good, pushing pretty hard and  nice pace. Wind felt stiff heading to Imperial but figured the reward would be worth it. What tail wind?! We turned around only to feel another stiff headwind. I hate when that happens ha ha! Oh well, after a bit I settle in and find a groove. OK now we're rolling!

When we hit the wooden Bridge at Edna Park, I almost wiped out on the turn, a slow turn. Goshdarnit! So I replace the tube with one of my spares while Aimee and Jose mingle. Everything is going fine but for some reason I "ALWAYS" make sure the bead is seated well before inflating with the frame pump to full pressure. for some reason I got side tracked and didn't. I swear, even when I do check, it I rarely ever have anything pinched or seated improperly. So I inflate the tire most of the way, get distracted then end up placing the wheel back on the bike. Without thinking about it, I start inflating to full pressure. Nice! I walk away to roll up the old tube which already has a patch and not looking so well so I'm trashing it. BAM! Was that my tire? GOSHDARNIT!!!

So now I have no spare tube and somewhat worried that I may have seated the bed correctly and worried that just maybe it may be a tire issue (bead blew off rim). I'm not a risk taker and not wanting Gina to have to drive across the country to pick me up if for some reason I run into more bad luck, I told the others to go on without me. I inserted my second spare tube, pumped it up short of full psi then cruised back to the truck which was only a couple miles away.

So the ride was going well but then turned to "suck"! Oh well, it was not what I wanted but I'm not injured and didn't have to wait for rescue so it's all good!

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