Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mark & Dave's Bicycle Shop (& shop ride invite)

Mark's personal shop ride invite to all (Sunday 9/2 at 8 am)

Ride on Sunday 9/2 at 8 am. He's looking to serve food for the riders as a post ride appreciation meal. No fees, no sign ups, just show up and ride. He says he has about 20 riders in for the ride at this time but I figure this video and post might attract a few more. as he says in the video, no need to belong to a club.  I believe 2 or 3 groups. Check out the info posted on the Mark and Dave's Bicycle Shop page on Facebook for more details.

I had a chance to Visit Mark and Dave's Bicycle Shop. I had wanting to check it out but hadn't ad a chance till today. Wow I was surprised. Thinking I'd walk in and see a saddle or two hanging on the wall I was shocked at how much merchandise they had in this store. Of course knowing that Mark is a big bicycle lover, doesn't shock me when I know he's ready to service any bike, any type, any style for any level of rider. One thing about Mark is that he loves all bikes so no need to shy away thinking that Huffy isn't worthy of this shop! Mark welcomes and befriends all riders. When I read or think of bike shop owners, I have an image in my head of what they should be and Mark sets the standard.A true bicycle lover, if it has wheels......

Along with Mark comes his partner Dave. A more quiet serious type guy. I had a chance to speak with the guy and yes, he is serious about bikes. A more hardcore type roadie with a big climbing style. Which is good as it makes the pair an all around knowledgeable shop. One guy raced and knows everything from the Big Rider Clyde needs to the racer while the other knows the specific needs of that super light side of riding and racing.

Of course I have known Mark since the time I started riding. Sadly he has set the standard of what I expect form shop mechanics so I must say that I am quite often disappointed when Mark standards are not met by others. Good in one way as this encouraged me to do my own wrenching. But bad because I often ended up having to make an extra trip to Mark for corrections. But over the years he has often offered good advice that has helped me with my own work. Over the years just thinking that I might be too critical of shop mechanics, I am often reminded that this is not so after each Mark encounter. The guy just reminds me every time why I have followed him around for the last 16 years. He's fixed so many sub par repairs performed by other local shops. I could go into detail about several but the word here is that Mark is a great mechanic. I'll save those other matters for mechanical arguments I encounter when I argue about the tools that every good mechanic should have and use as does mark. As a big rider myself, the biggest issue I have had over the last 16 years are wheel issues. Mark was the first builder to build a set of wheels that lasted more than 2000 miles under my big bod. Again I can argue till I am blue in the face but Mark's superior skills override all debates. Check out the pics below, dishing tool and 2, count them spoke 2 tension meters, 'nuff said!

So anyway, I could talk bikes for hours with Mark but making a video was tough. I had to make 2 parts just to fit in a portion of what we talked about. Always great talking to Mark and looking forward to visiting his shop more in the near future.

Part 1 (Mark)

Part 2 (Dave and George)

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