Monday, October 22, 2012

MTB Monday

Man, I had to get one "A BIKE"! I wanted so bad to ride the tandem this weekend. I had it all polished, frame waxed and ready to go but the darn weather forecast. I had connections in OC that said it was wet in the morning. Figured it would dry up but the only thing that happened was it started raining here too. Gina was not thrilled about getting wet and neither was the tandem so we sat out, bummer! Sunday much the same according to a report form one of my connections. Later another connection said ti turned out nice after the early rain, DARN! Now I really feel like I missed out. ;-(

But Monday came and I HAVE to get on a bike or I'l go crazy. So I picked the MTB since it's close and if it rains, not big long wet journey home and who res if the MTB gets dirty ha ha! Well I did one loop clockwise for starters. I felt like I should do a second loop so I started in the opposite direction but the pizza I ate last night said don't do it! Sitting around all weekend eating is not very good training for the climbs so I went up a little bit then turned around. Then I went up a little bit on the other side again. Just far enough to snap a few pictures for a blog post he he he!  I really wanted two loops but something told me that I shouldn't push to hard too soon, there are many days to follow. Heck 1,300+ feet gain in 8 miles ain't too shabby!

Well nothing exciting but a reminder that I need to start doing more of this type of riding to get into shape. Close to home and a good workout.

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