Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MTB.....Base of Potato Mtn

Well I'm using the MTB trying to get back into shape. Plus the trail is real close to where we live. Today I figure I'd head up toward Potato Mountain. Not sure how I would feel but hey, I was alright today. During the ride I figured I could make it all the way up but my brain says working into it would be smarter. No need to rush, gains take time. Plus 1600 ft gain in 3 1/2 mile is decent, especially in the dirt.

MTB always freaks me out a bit knowing there could be animals up there. I have no problem wrestling a bear but the element of surprise is what freaks me out. I figure if I have to wrestler a bear or a lion, they may get the best of me but we're both going to the hospital. OK, maybe not ha ha!

Didn't help that on the way up I see a gal standing real still on the trail. As I roll up I ask hoping it's not a lion. Nope, just deer. I stop to take a picture and I'll be darned if I couldn't see them all. That didn't help with the "WILLIES" factor later on in the ride. As you get higher, there ain't nobody around. If there are animal, you can't see them but knowing they see you is a little scary.

So I make the climb and pretty happy with my performance. Not racing, not setting records, just making it felt good. So I start my descent and half way down, AN ANIMAL ENCOUNTER!!!! I'm rounding a blind turn when I see an animal on my left. I'm thinking lion so I get ready to jump off the bike if need but then I realize it's a dog. Then I see the owner sitting under a tree so I shout, "the dog scared me, I thought it was a lion". Thanks goodness it's only a dog but then I realize it's a Pit Bull and it's chasing me!  Thank goodness it was an obedient dog. It ran back to the owner after he shouted the dogs name 3 or 4 times. The the owner shouts SORRY! I guess it's still better than a lion with no owner ha ha!

So I make it back to the truck with all limbs in place. Some dude in the lot whips out a real nice shiny 29'er. Wow, that thing is pretty. Then I look over at  my dirty bike and think to myself, "just a bike and they are meant to be ridden, and mine did the job well today". I don't now, Gina keeps saying I should get a 29'er but why? If I ride it. it's gong to get dirty too. Mine, I just clean the drive train after every 2 rides. You can see the dirt in the picture, looks like way more than 2 rides. So if I get a nice pretty new shiny 29'er, I'll spend more time polishing it than riding it ha ha!

I took pics at this section where you can see how it progresses. Start of the section, mid, then what seems to be the top but isn't. Believe me, still  lots more climbing left.

Kind of tough setting the timer then trying to turn around for the pic ha ha!

                                                Lots of dirt..that's what MTB's are for, dirt!

                                         Meh! Who needs a 29'er? MY  26 incher gets me there!

                                                                         Some stats

                        Scary! Animals are there but you can't see them 3 in the pic, better deer than lion.

                                                        The profile. 3 1/2 up then down


  1. Great write up! I really enjoy Potato but being on the trail alone does freak me out a bit.
    Bicycle Friends

  2. Thanks JC! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I do talk most of the the way up after reading that lions attack humans when they confuse them with other animals as prey. Now if other animals have my vocabulary, I'm in trouble ha ha!