Friday, December 7, 2012

My Jewels!

No, not those jewels! I see our bikes like jewels, nice clean shiny sparkling jewels. At times we are walking through a mall and see a beautiful watch in the window of a jewelry store. Gina's says it's a beautiful watch then says we could swing it if I wanted it. No thanks! Give me a new cassette, a chain, a wheel and I'm happy.

I just put a new front wheel on her bike (DA/Fusion) to match ther rear wheel (DA/DeepV). I installed a new casette and chain then figured I'd take an updated pic of the bike for my photo album. I stepped back and took a good look. Wow, what a jewel! It's not a fancy bike, not a $20,000 TDF bike, not even a racer but damn the thing is beautiful!

It's her bike but since I maintain it, it's still one of my jewels. Thinking about it, I feel the same way about all our bikes! Offer up a nice thousand dollar watch or chain and cassette, I'll choose the bike stuff every time! ;-)

                        Cleaned up and ready to go for a ride this weekend, hate to see it get dirty!

                                                              The new DA/Fusion

 I would have liked to build the wheel myself but after the cost of parts etc, the price was not much or to have my buddy Mark build it for me. I do build all my own wheels after years of bad experiences with local builders( being a heavier rider) the one and only guy that I trust other than myself building my wheels is Mark. Talk about a good mechanic, I've followed him around over a span of 16 years. He's good enough to have opened his own shop and still the only guy I trust with my bikes! Mark and Dave's bike shop (corner of Carnelian and Baseline Rancho if you ever need a good builder).

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