Saturday, December 22, 2012

SART 12/22/12

Today was a tough ride. I got a chance to ride alone so I figured I'd have a kick butt fast ride. Yeah it was kick butt but not fast! Heading inland was OK, air felt dense and somewhat hard to cut through. Maybe I'd have a tailwind to the coast, nope! I saw 3 guys the entire time pass me and they seem to be working pretty hard so good, it ain't just me. Later I passed a group of 3 guys near the coast so I asked, is it just me or is there a tough headwind?". They said it was tough so I didn't disagree ha ha! The ride to the coast felt like it took forever.

I didn't really think there would be anybody out there since the forecast said a 40% chance of rain later on in the day. I figured I could beat it and a few others did too. I saw The Legend Greg near Kraemer. He didn't see me even though I shouted hey. Oh well, he said hi later when we crossed paths again later in the ride. Also Pinoybentr Ron in a little pace line, he waved! Jeff and Angie were at the coast when I got there. I don't think they recognized me at first since I was riding alone and on my FrankenBeans bike. Tony showed up, Alex2 appeared as well. After a short break we all kind of sort of headed back together, so I thought. Not sure what happened but Tony and I ended up down the road before we noticed that we were alone. So we held the pace down knowing the others could easily catch up. Terrible Tim headed out with us as well so he was right behind us. He pointed out some riders were approaching fast from behind figuring it was Jeff & Angie on their tandem and Alex2.  Jeff and Angie flew by and just kept on going but where is Alex? Their pace was blazing and no way was I giving chase. But Tony hopped on their wheel and took the ride. A few minutes later Alex2 rolls up so we group as 3. Alex is kicking the pace up pretty good so I'm just hanging on hoping he tires and slows the pace a bit. But he keeps going and next thing I know, Terrible Tim gets up there and lifts the pace even higher. Wow, I'm pushing my limit so I just back off and hope they slow so that I can catch back up later. I think Tim hooked up with somebody else cause he vanished. But there was Alex still in my sights. So he slows a bit like maybe the wind hit him so I push hard and close the gap.  Before I can recover he lifts the pace and pulls away again. Dang it, he drops me again! But once again he slows a bit a mile down the road and I'm able to regain contact.

Now I'm on and I'm getting a good draft so first chance I'll take the front but Alex is once again flying and I'm  trying to hold on. There was no way I was going to the front today. I was waiting for a slight slow but he never backed off the pace till the ride was over. I was happy to hang on and let Alex do the work. But I will say Alex punished me pretty good today! It was tough trying to hold his wheel! Glad it's over ha ha!

One dude I have to mention is Flying Merkel. Man, this dude comes up with some sweet classic bikes. He's riding a pretty cool single speed today. Get this, his neighbor gave it to him. Wow, some dudes have all the luck!

My FrankenBeans bike- CAD3

                                                                Angie made new friends

                                                      Alex, does not smile with food

                                                     Not even a smile with a hot woman

                       Flying Merkel...this dude get the best deals on sweet classic bikes, got all the luck!

                                              Tony, just waiting to go, and looking cool!

                                                           Speedsters Jeff and Angie

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