Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sat SART & Anudder Bee Sting!

Inside the ear, same ear as last time. What is that, 4 stings in a couple of months? Doesn't even hurt anymore, just don't like the swelling.

Some pics for now, video later. Julius of Adobo Velo and his buddies, including an Iron Woman. Saw Jesus again, Alex and got in a clip with Herb and Alyce. I swear I remember Julius' name when he's not around but when he's there, I can never get his name right, sheesh! Well he's always good for a visit. This time he had his friends, one from Frisco and another an Iron Woman ready to do a second Iron Man next month. That is some serious commitment and training! Julius rides with Adobo Velo and we did catch a clip of another few AV riders along the way.

                                                                        Herb & Alyce

                                                                   Julius and his friends

                                                                  The Iron Woman


                                       It was like 2 pm but looked like sunset, darn time change!

                                        The signature Beanz wiping glass from Gina's tire move

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  1. great to meet you Mr. Beanz, cheers from San Francisco!