Sunday, November 24, 2013

All About GMR.....GMR on GMR

Well I found out one thing today. I suck with the camera on manual mode ha ha! I've been reading all the stuff about F stops, ISO, shutter speed etc and it make sense when you read it but when you actually go out in the field to try it, it's a bit different. I did get the indoor shots OK but I went up GMR to work on outdoor shots with my new camera. Nothing fancy, just a Canon Rebel T3. MY cousin is getting married next weekend and I'd like to take pics with something other than my point and shoot on auto. Still shots of the surroundings seemed OK but put a moving object in the pic and it's blur city. So I guess I have to change the shutter speed to a faster setting. Seems I did get a little better at the end and it's coming so it's all good! I'll be ready for the wedding!

Gina had plans today and my lazy arse didn't feel like riding. Well I did but Meh! I wanted to play with the new camera. I took my tripod and headed up. Ended up running into GMR and her buddy John. I brought my GoPro along too so I figured I'd strap it onto the grill of my truck just to see what comes of it ha ha! GMR just happened to be up there which was a good thing cause now I had a subject for the day. Much better than having to stalk a few riders ha ha!

Video actually came out pretty good and it's all about GMR ha ha!...and John! GMR did have an injury to the thumb. A few stitches but I won't tell you how. Just let your imagination run wild. Maybe she wiped out in a GMR turn at 40 MPH and caught herself with a one arm push up saving herself from serious injury. It's much better than the true story ha ha!

Always good to see her and her buddies! So anyway, I finally started getting the hang of the camera and started figuring out what I was doing wrong. So I said good bye to GMR at the shack and headed down with a plan to stop along the turnouts and set up for a few pics. I get to the first turn out and set up shop only t find, my battery is dying.....FAST! I knew I should have charged the back up battery. Oh well it was a good day even though I didn't ride! ;-P

BTW, GMR is going to be mad at me! They pushed pretty hard on the final section to the shack. I thought I had the Go Pro on but somehow managed to click it on then off really fast. I hate when I do that! :-P

                                            Taken through the windshield so it's a bit grainy

                                                    Another thru the windshield shot

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  1. Mr. Beanz, that was super fun to push hard for the camera. John and I had a great time being your test subjects. Always nice to being the apple of your camera eyes. Having your own paparazzi is the ultimate ego booster. Good luck on the wedding photos.