Saturday, April 12, 2014

25 on SART

A nice 25 miler with Gina on SART. She actually did much better than I thought. We had a 16.4 average on the ride. Not bad for  the second time on the bike in 2 months. We ran into Alex at the start. Crazy dude is doing a 60 miler only 2 weeks after having surgery (hernia repair). Jose rode with us and we crossed paths with Mark and Gail on the return. Of course I have already posted Mark's story, some crazy determined riders in this place. Ran into an old ride partner Mike at the coast. He sat and chatted for a while with us talking about old times. It was a good day!

                                                    Alex on the road fighting the wind

                                                                  Hang on Gina!!!!

                                   I aimed for Mike with the camera but my aim was off ha ha!

                            Another shot of Mike but seems the pic came out a bit off center ha ha!

                                               Once again of center, wow I am losing it! :-P

                                          Tammy training some LD for her upcoming Iron Man

                Alan and a lecture on the importance of nose strips. Gina looks really interested :-P

                                                                     Mark and Gail

                                                                   Gina breaking a sweat

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