Saturday, September 20, 2014

Be Home Early Sat SART Ride

Bummer, had to be home early today, another birthday party. But we managed to squeeze in a short 32 on SART. Pretty breezy today but still managed a good 16.0 pace. Ran into Mark at the coast. In the close up pic, he sure looks happy to be out there riding his bike. If you're wondering why, take a closer look. I'be be very happy with myself as well. Pretty decent paces on 42 mile rides after what he has been though is excellent!

We did run into PainFreak and his buddies. Wow, I feel so bad. The first name hat came to my mind was "Steve". I don't know why but I called him Steve the entire time. Lack of oxygen on the bike I guess but sorry about that Mike! :-P

                              Gloomy day at the coast but hey, still a few bewbs out there! :-)

                                                       Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! :-P

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