Thursday, September 4, 2014

GMR (Anniversary Ride)

Pics for now, a video later.

Well today is our wedding anniversary. Been together for 28 but only legally married for 10. Yes, we lived in sin for 18 years but it was a darn good sin ha ha! So we received an invite to ride up GMR with a crazy friend Eyemage. I was shocked but Gina said OK! What better way to celebrate ha ha! So we hit the shack. Started about 6 pm so it just about got dark as we hit the bottom. Lights sure come in handy when it gets dark he he he! Well we have Friday off too so we will be celebrating a all weekend! :-P

Lunch at a small Italian joint then a stroll around the mall to relax. Then the ride up GMR.

Cafe Allegro (LaVerne)

                                                           Our support chopper!

                                                                        At the shack!

                                                         Hot tired schweaty Gina

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