Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday SART

Alex and his new bike!

Some ride footage, no music!

Nice ride today. A bit shorter, turned back at the Lincoln detour. Gina said she felt tired today but she set 16 more PR's on Strava! 10 mile TT segment, 20.2 MPH average. Bridge to bridge 20.9 average and 5 mile TT 21.1 MPH average. Not bad, must be the cool air!

Few pics, maybe a weekend video in a day or two.

                                                  This lady feeling a little cheeky!

                                            OK, so do es that sign say "Multi-use Boob"?

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Few pics for now, maybe a weekend video after the weekend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Papa Didn't Raise no Wimps!

So cool! Growing up as a little kid and being very active I always hated the wussy type fragile helpless little girly types. Well even as an adult I was very active. I remember my older daughter Danielle always telling me I was such a baby playing ball etc. She herself was a really good athlete as a kid but didn't really show any interest. Now at 33 she met up with a Mommy's club and started working out with them. They do some program called cross fit and another she does with the mommies consisting of pushing around old tractor tires and other hardcore old school workouts. My second daughter Sarah 31 has always loved to play but didn't have the talent of my older daughter. But she was always very determined to get things done. We went to the gym for a year or so together till she moved a little too far. My older daughter and I also worked out for about 6 months at a gym. I had her doing all kinds of stuff. Onetime I had her doing a circuit type workout with weights. A few reps then 100 jumps with the rope. Some trainer came over and said, "wow, she jumps rope like Ali!". Yes, yes she does!

Well anyway, they're following daddy's footsteps. Danielle just did Ragnar. A 200 mile relay on a 6 (wo)man team. Much like Furnace Creek 508. Run rest, repeat! 200 miles over 2 days. She was real excited that they ran across the Golden Gate bridge. Me, I'm just proud as heck!

That was this last weekend.

                                         Danielle on Ragnar Tired and beat but accomplished!

                                            Running through the wee hours of the night!

                                                                       Happy girl!

Then there is Sarah my baby! 31 and still hitting the gym. She just posted the good news on FB, she finally reached 225 on her squat!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Be Home Early Sat SART Ride

Bummer, had to be home early today, another birthday party. But we managed to squeeze in a short 32 on SART. Pretty breezy today but still managed a good 16.0 pace. Ran into Mark at the coast. In the close up pic, he sure looks happy to be out there riding his bike. If you're wondering why, take a closer look. I'be be very happy with myself as well. Pretty decent paces on 42 mile rides after what he has been though is excellent!

We did run into PainFreak and his buddies. Wow, I feel so bad. The first name hat came to my mind was "Steve". I don't know why but I called him Steve the entire time. Lack of oxygen on the bike I guess but sorry about that Mike! :-P

                              Gloomy day at the coast but hey, still a few bewbs out there! :-)

                                                       Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! :-P

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hot SART Saturday

Hot 36 mile ride with Gina and Aimee, 92 average topping out at 102 according to the Garmin. Passed a guy on the way to the coast, of course a big stiff headwind. It's a compliment when a ride from Adobo Velo walks over and says, I tried to keep up with you guys but you were too fast!". He was the guy we passed. It's nice to see  a guy actually pay other riders a compliment, no excuses!

Another detour :-(

                                                      Love this water fountain

                                                           Just happy it's over

                                                         Another of our friends, Peggy!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

SART Saturday

36 easier miles today. 16.0 average. Doing GRM a couple day ago didn't really feel too bad. I know Gina suffers but doing her pace on the way up makes it an easy ride for me. So not having any soreness or anything I figured today would be an easy day. I was wrong. One thing about GMR, it will get you one way or another ha ha! Got on the bike this morn and wow, back of the legs were tight, ankles tight, things I have not felt in a longtime ha ha!  But I had figured on doing an easier pace today saving up for longer miles tomorrow. Hopefully today's ride freshened us up a bit.

OK, so below you will see the pic of the bikes leaning on my truck and Gina standing in the shade. there is a reason for that! Few weeks ago we ran into Ron & Dixie at the start of our ride. I had already put together Gina's bike and she was ready to roll. I was putting my bike together when Ron said, we can see who the slow one is here!". Now Gina just agrees with everything people without knowing what they really say so she just said "yeah!". :-O

So I had to explain it. FTR, I wake up earlier than Gina does to prep the bikes, load bikes, load the equipment bag, make sure all her stuff is ready to roll. When we get to the trail head, I put the bikes together. Always her bike first so she can spin her legs a bit while I get ready. Then I apply sun block on her so she does not burn. THEN I get ready. Pretty much all she has to do is get out of bed, get on her bike and pedal! 

So today, like most day s and especially hot days, she will go sit in the shade. Many times I have to walk over and grab her bike and I will to be nice, take her shoes to her. So I walk her bike over to the truck so she does not have to stand in the sun. So I put everything away while she stands or sits in the shade watching me sweat.

So if anybody ever asks her if I am slow getting ready and she says yes, don't believe her! If she ever says she forgot her energy bar, don't believe her. It was because I forgot it cause I get everything ready. Very rare but I have forgotten maybe two or three times in 17 years. But I am not slow! :-P

Hot out so yes, still some hotties out there!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

GMR (Anniversary Ride)

Pics for now, a video later.

Well today is our wedding anniversary. Been together for 28 but only legally married for 10. Yes, we lived in sin for 18 years but it was a darn good sin ha ha! So we received an invite to ride up GMR with a crazy friend Eyemage. I was shocked but Gina said OK! What better way to celebrate ha ha! So we hit the shack. Started about 6 pm so it just about got dark as we hit the bottom. Lights sure come in handy when it gets dark he he he! Well we have Friday off too so we will be celebrating a all weekend! :-P

Lunch at a small Italian joint then a stroll around the mall to relax. Then the ride up GMR.

Cafe Allegro (LaVerne)

                                                           Our support chopper!

                                                                        At the shack!

                                                         Hot tired schweaty Gina