Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday SART Tandem

Just Gina and I today. 35 miles 17.0 average. Seemed a bit hotter than yesterday. 86 yesterday and 90 today as an average but it felt much hotter, sweat doesn't lie! :-P Ran into Frank and Bad Bob at the coast for a little visit. I like that Bob dude, he told me that I didn't have much of a belly and more and that I look very different before the change of eating habits. Dude ain't so bad after all ha ha! Spoke with Frank for a bit and got in a little video interview. We'll have to set up a ride with Frank sometime, I know he is a video dude too!

Few pics for now and a short video at a later time.

Some video stills:

                                                   Wow talk about a close up!

                                                                      A helmet???

                                                                 Frank's Dogma

                                                                 Fabulous Frank

OK really, the season is ending, better get 'em
while I can!

                                                             Worth a double take!

                                      A little small for my taste but somebody will like it!

                                                                      She got legs!

                                                    How cute, little kid smiled at me!

                                                                    Double bubbles!

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