Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tandem Sunday

44 miles at 16.7 average. Set out for an easier ride this time. It went that way for the first 3/4 of the ride but then things got a bit faster on the way back. We had pulled for the first 16 miles but when things got hot, Gina kind of pooped out on me. So we just let the guys go and fell behind the last mile or so. Still not a bad average considering that Gina has only been on the bike one time per week for the last few weeks. Of course riding the tandem is tough when you try to hold someone's wheel. we pulled fora while at 20 but when we moved over to let somebody else take the front, the pace lifted to 22 plus. No way were we going to recover at that pace after taking the front. So I just told Gina to back off and we'd just make our way the last mile.

Average temp was 63 degrees. Cool by our California standards but hey, no rain! :-)

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