Sunday, February 19, 2017

SART On The Mountain Bike Solo

I figured it might rain today so I took my MTB on SART to the beach. 36 miles with a 14.1 average. Wowzer, felt tough today. Felt like a headwind both ways. Hardly anybody out there though so that was cool. Ran into Dr. Sarah at the beachstop so we had a little chat.

A bit wet at the start but no rain at all. But there was plenty of debris, sticks and stuff on the trail so the MTB served its purpose ha ha!

Made a short little video.

                                                              Dr. Sarah

Her's a little bonus! People never see Gina when she is dressed up. Her usual blouse, 2 sweaters and a jacket (all at he same time) always covers up her attractiveness. I'm always trying to get her to dress up a little bit and seeing that we found this dress at Macy's, it gave me a reason to talk her into dressing up for a picture. Probably about the third time I have sen her with lipstick since we met 29 years ago ha ha!