Saturday, February 25, 2017

Gina's 1st Ride Long Time

Been almost a month since Gina was on the bike, January 29th to be exact! Today was 41 miles at a 15.5 MPH average. I tried to keep the pace down so that she would have some energy near the end of the ride. Considering it was a pretty stiff headwind, I think she did very well! Heading to the coast, after Warner, the wind was really stiff. I was trying to hold back the effort bu had to ride or fall down ha ha! She did well on the return, better than I expected and better than her last ride so I can't complain!

We headed out with Jose and Aimee but a few miles down the road ran into Mark and Gail. I stayed at the front the entire time so that I could hold a steady pace for everybody. I'm not sure how much Gail has been riding but Gina hasn't! Aimee also back from a 3 week vacation and a little mishap while there. Broken toe! :-O But she did well today. I think I heard her say at one point that her toe was aching but Gina was like, "shut up and ride!" so we never heard her complain again! OK, not really, Gina would never say that to Aimee but I got to throw in some kind of excitement into the story! But really, after that, we never heard Aimee mention her toe again.

Heading to the coast, maybe a couple miles before we got there, we ran across Bad Bob. He was alone so he turned around and rode with us for a bit to say hello to everyone. He then turned around and headed north.

We were not at the coast long today. Too chilly! We headed back after a short stay but while we were there, Don rolled up on his bike. Had a brief visit with us, and a picture of course, then he headed off alone. Few minutes after he left, I was like, "it's chilly, let's go!". So we all headed out even though Mark wanted to wait for Alex. Well, it was roll with the Missus or stay behind ha ha! Gail was chilly too and had no argument with my suggestion, as didn't Gina and Aimee ha ha! Though it was a mostly sunny day, it was still chilly!

On the way back we crossed paths with The Legend Greg. He turned around then ran us down to chat for a bit. After a mile or two, he rolled off and left us far behind. I guess that's why they call him The Legend!

                                                    Just about to Imperial heading north.

Heading south, Mark and Gail joined us.

Mark (green) and Don (red)

The Legend chatting with Jose. Ah yes, the guy at the very back later went around us. I don't know who he is but when he rolled around, he pulled up on my side and said, " I was in the draft for a while so if you like, I will take the front and do the work for a while!".  That was cool! I refused the offer trying to keep a steady pace for Gina but that was unusual.  Most times guys do that then they race around you and stick their tongues at you ha ha!

The Legend way up there! I guess that's why he's The Legend!

I know Gina was glad to be done with it!

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