Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday SART with Tony, Mark, & Jose

Still images for now, should have a video at a later time!

36 miles at 16.6 average today.  Arriving at the trail head we ran into Tony and Mark. Haven't ridden with Mark since 2003 maybe. Been a while. We cut our ride short today seeing that Mark has not done any distance. Wasn't a problem, Gina got her workout in anyway! I held the pace to the coast hoping to conserve Gina's energy for the return. Worked out pretty well, she did great on the return.

Mark did really well too! He took the front a couple of times on the way back, once on the way just before the coast. We ran into Joaquin and his new Reynolds wheels at Edna Park. On the return, Joaquin and Tony took off and rode back together to Edna Park. I stayed back with Gina still holding the pace. Was a nice ride overall.

We did see Bad Bob and The Legend Greg near the coast. Funny because I had been at the front the entire way, 22 miles before we saw them. The second Joaquin goes around, they see us then shout that we are cheating being in the draft  ha ha! I swear I get no respect! :-P

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