Saturday, March 11, 2017

Scaring The Homeless Thugs on SART ha ha!

44 miles with Gina today, 16.5 average. Ran into Ron and Dixie after 7 miles or so. Then Whosoever showed up right as we were about to leave.  Ron and Dixie took the front for most of the trip to the coast from Yorba. I was happy to sit at the back and take a free ride figuring once the wind got tough, I would step up and help them out. It did get windy and I pulled about the last 7 miles to the coast. It was a tough headwind but a good workout! Nice sunny warm day but once the coast was in sight, we could see the big blanket of fog. Bummer! Got chilly sitting around so we headed back with Ron and Dixie. About 5 miles in, they pulled away from us and I had no intentions of trying to keep up with them. I knew Gina would tire down the road. I did see them when we crossed the Edna bridge and vanished into the curves of the golf course section. So I was actually pretty happy that Gina did that well.

So, yeah there is a big debate among people about the homeless on SART. More trouble and more danger for us all. Some people think I should feel for them. Sorry! Couple years back there were a few, maybe 10 that were out there that seemed mentally unstable. Now, there are a couple thousand and my opinion, they are more thugs and drug addicts than people who are down on their luck.

People down on their luck don't shout things at you when you roll by. People down on their luck do not park rather nice cruisers in the middle of the lanes and go into the homeless camps looking to smoke dope! People down on their luck don't try to scare you into an accident. People down on their luck don't piss all over the trail so that you have to roll through it and splatter your legs with piss, including the women cycling out there.

Sorry, can't feel for ya! Today we were approaching Chapman. A couple was getting ready to cross the trail. Cycling traffic from both sides, several bikes. The guy sees us, the lady stops but the guy decides to stroll across the path forcing everyone into a defensive mode. anybody with common sense would know you have to make sure it is clear out there but this moron you know did it out of spite..=

So we roll by and I shout," WOW, TALK ABOUT STUPID!!!". I heard him shout something and heard his lady start shouting as well. Whatever! I just held my finger up saluting them as we rolled away.

On the return, we approached another section of homeless camps. We are almost done with our ride so we slow down. As I am approaching a section that is blocked with bikes, crack whore looking women and a bunch of thug looking guys, I start to ring my bell. I shout, "coming thru!" and continue ringing my bell bu the idiot just blindly walks across the trail. Me? I'm not stupid so I know to slow way down and I am doing about 8 MPH as I approach but the dope still doesn't hear me or pay attention. So he walks right out in front of me!

He sees us and almost jumps out of his pants. You can see them half way down his ass! Well pretty sure he almost shit his pants and I say good, he deserves it for being so inconsiderate to others who actually use the path for what it is intended, not hanging around smoking dope!

Well I guess there is an issue with Anaheim Stadium. I heard the homeless sneak in and use their outlets to charge their phones. I heard one got in a fight with a cyclist and then, somebody stole a tractor and rode around in it for 45 minutes through the parking lot.

I am actually glad to hear that they are causing more trouble. That will be the only way to go until someone considers chasing them out. Sadly, probably nothing will happen till they start robbing people at the stadium before authorities realize this is not a good place for them to be.

                          So anyway, you can see the idiot almost jumping out of his skin ha ha!

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