Saturday, June 3, 2017

44 Miles on the Santa Ana Sh!t Hole !!!

I'll get to the sh!t hole in a bit but first, some cycling details. 44 miles at 16.7 average on the bike with Gina today. Nice day, bit cool at the coast but we'll take it! Gina hasn't been on the bike much lately but looked really comfortable on the bike today. Kept up really well, no sweat! Maybe the cooler weather had something to do with it. Of course we have been trying to get out there a bit earlier since being baked on the bike a couple weeks back ha ha! Ran into Louie, Mark, Alex along the way. Saw Jose R and his buddies (River Velo) Sadly I used to get decent pictures of friends riding by. Nowadays, most of the background in the photos is trash, tents, and crack whores on the trail.

ATTENTION !!!! Anybody riding the San Gabriel Trail willing to drop me a note with some info? Is it infested with homeless people like SART ?? Boy, I am really getting tired of this mess. The camp is now about 2 1/2 mile long, too long and the druggies are getting braver with every passing week! :-(

This always tickles me. We had just started, saw this dude (back bright green) on the side of the road. We roll by holding our warm up pace. He hops on his bike then blows by us like he's really going somewhere. Honestly, I think it is because I have Gina with me and guys look at her and think to themselves, " she can't beat me, I'm a MAN!". ha ha ha! He blows by then 2 minutes later he's fading like a bad tattoo ha ha! Not more than another minute, he's behind 20-30 yards. Later he tries to catch up, he does, but can't hold on. Again, we have just started and still warming up. He caught us at the wooden bridge then tried to hold on to Yorba Park. That didn't work ha ha! By the time we covered the wooden bridge to Yorba section, he looked like he was about to fall off his bike ha ha!I usually do my own ride and mind my own business, but when guys act up like this, I just have to laugh! :-P

Jose R, his buds and a bunch of crap for a background. :-(



This is the Sh!t Hole section

Yes, volunteers go out there to help the drug addicts. I can tell you, not once have I seen a guy or gal out there that looks like they lost their job and just fell upon bad luck. Doesn't matter what people on bike forums say or think they know. These idiots are drug addict low lives that chose to be out there. No rule, no laws, no bills, free food , free showers, people running around kissing your ass! What else can a scum bag ask for? Yeah, I know these types as I've said in the past. Bullies from Jr high school who choose to do drugs rather than give a little something to society.

So we arrive at the Orangewood/Rampart entrance. Holy shit! Again, this church (?) organization is there blocking the fire hydrant. Today it was a van, most times a truck with a trailer giving the drug addicts a free shower. But even when they don't have the trailer, these assholes park and block the entire entrance, curbs, streets, walkways and make it difficult for us tax paying society giving people a safe way to the trail. Today the volunteers have tables set up, and the idiots park their bikes across the bike entrance. You'd think at least one of the volunteers could pull their head out of their ass long enough to say, "hey, park your bike somewhere else you worthless piece of shit!".  Oh sorry, I'm a bit ticked right now ha ha! But really, these idiots park their bikes across the entrance so nobody can get in or out. Then to top it off, one of the druggy's bike, has a big aluminum bat strapped on it. Now to me, that's a freaking weapon. Let me carry that on my bike and I bet I get fined or even shot being a middle class working stiff Hispanic male ha ha!

So then later, we head to Yorba then on the way back, we approach the 5 fwy underpass. Usual crap and druggies there but this time, there is a fat crack ho looking chick on a bike parked directly across the southbound lane. 3 druggies on the left side just a bit off the northbound lane. I ring my bell cause this crack ho is blocking the entire lane. She's sitting there talking on the phone. I said softly," you shouldn't block the trail". Right away, the druggies start yelling, " she's on the phone, you need to go around!". Again, no rules, no laws, no consideration. Man, it takes all I have to refrain at times. Of course there are 3 skinny worthless POS's that I'm sure I could take out single handed but I'm sure once the action started, I'd have a whole homeless camp after me ha ha!

So anyway, the scum is spreading north now. A few tents just north of Taft. South of Taft, a big ugly camp full of scum. That makes it now, what? Maybe 2 1/2 miles of pure continuous homeless drug addict camps now!? Jesus, somebody clean this mess up! It ain't getting any safer for cyclists, or anybody for that matter!

Another religious fucker above the law.

I'm thinking to sending an email to this fucker explaining what a mess they are encouraging in the area. Like he doesn't already know. I think it's a plan to gather the scum here to keep them out of their neighborhoods.

Just north of Taft, tents going up one by one. About 4 now and growing!

Up ahead, crack ho on the phone sitting on a bike parked across the southbound lane

Hard to see her fat ass, but she's there. Another cyclist just went around her heading south, so the image of her fat ass is hard to make out.

Plenty of crap like this in the lanes while volunteers with their heads up their asses fail to recognize it's a road.

Dumb ass volunteers feeding scum on the trail!

New parks becoming a big freaking mess! A newer park, couple underpasses just south of the Edna Park bridge is a big fucking dump now!

Inconsiderate scum bag low life drug addicts hanging out blocking the trail, no consideration for anyone at all!

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