Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bloody Toenail Tour (Solo Ride)

46.5 miles at 16.4 average. Man it was windy ha ha! Was kind of cool to get out on my own though, doing my own thing. Gina's sister visiting from Missouri so she was visiting while I set of alone.

Bloody toenail and all! Right as I was getting into bed last night, somehow my foot caught the edge of the wooden foot board of the bed and that thing does not move. Oh my gosh, a paralyzing pain! I must have been tired though because it was throbbing but I fell asleep after 5 minutes or so. I guess that helped ha ha! I woke up this morning to blood stains on the sheets. Then trying to put a sock onto the somewhat broken nail, now that was uncomfortable! Seem like my little toe nail was broken, cracked, or something! It was covered in dried blood and I didn't want to mess with it right before the ride so I just put a sock on it ha ha! Them little toes are so sensitive, ouch!

I did park at the Katella theater/promenade parking lot today, just east of the Honda Center park. Man it was so much better. I actually had a clear path to the trail without like 372 homeless people being fed blocking the entrance to the trail. That's what is happening at the Orangewood?Rampart entrance. Though nothing has been done about it, I hate riding with the homeless idiots out there. Yeah, very few are considerate but too many are not. I only want to say the mess is getting bigger. Now the entire stretch from Katella to Taft is lined with tents and drug addicts. Such a shame! OK, on to better stuff!

I did run into Rick today. He rode up while I was taking a breather at Edna Park. He said he had seen me all the way back at Imperial and thought maybe he would catch me. Now if he had, I would have been very surprised ha ha! It was windy as heck out there. I was pushing pretty good so if he had caught me, I would have had to shake his hand ha ha! But we were talking and turns out this was his fourth day in a row of riding. Yeah, no way were his legs going to push into that wind today! I was fresh and barely making it so I can't imagine how his legs felt. We had a good little chat and one thing about Rick, it always seems that he agrees with my point of view on many issues. That guy is ALRIGHT by me ha ha!

At one point, around Lincoln, I passed a couple of riders. I said hello as I passed them then mentioned how hard the wind felt today. One dude said, "yeah, maybe you can break the wind for us!". I was kind of excited about riding alone today but I just smiled. They took my wheel for about 30 seconds then they were gone. I tell ya, that's when you know it's windy. When a rider gets on your wheel doing 16 MPH and they can't stay on it!

The sky ??? I was at the coast and snapped a shot of the clouds in the sky. Stupid little point and shoot camera ha ha! I bought some filters for my DLSR. You know, one of them circular polarizing deals that really shows the clouds in the blue sky? Heck, the little point and shoot got a nice blue sky with clouds. My big camera is getting a brown sky filled with dark ugly smog filled, lung killing clouds ha ha! Maybe that is why I like riding to the coast vs the air pollution around our local neighbor hood!

I don't know what happened to the women at the beach today. Lots of people but no bikinis. OK so I saw a few but I think my cleavage was a little more impressive than what I saw today ha ha! And the fact that my nipple is hard kind of adds to the excitement! :-P

Rick !

Blue sky vs brown sky at home!

New parking area from now on. Starbucks, few restaurants and very few homeless. ;-)