Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday SART with Gina and Aimee

44 miles 16.3 average on my old Cannondale. Nice day for a ride! Started out a bit cool and looking like rain but I had faith in the forecast. It did turn out to be a nice day!

One thing I like about Aimee, She doesn't play games. She flat out told me when she started riding with us, she could not change a tire and that is why she wanted to ride with us. No, I think you are cool, no I think you guys ride well, no I think Mr. Beanz is the bomb, just flat out, "I want to ride with you guys cause I can't change a flat ha ha! So she noticed her rear tire was worn so she brought along a new tire so that we could swap it out. We were rewarded with some fresh Alaskan salmon, 4 pieces! She said that was my thanks for swapping the tire. I told you, Mr. Beanz accepts gifts ha ha!

We did the first 7 to Yorba then ran into Mike at the park who tagged along with us for the remaining 37. He did a total of 58 today. Did see Greg out there with his finger to nose salute. Herb and Alyce, and a few other familiar faces today.

 The new tire. After I installed it, Gina turned to me and said, "that wasn't bad!". Not sure but I think Gina thinks in her mind that she was the one who changed the tire ha ha!

Aimee said it was so pretty she didn't want to ride it  worried it would get dirty!

Spring is here......but we really didn't need that guy's face in the picture ha ha!

Poor Aimee, a minute or so after this, she got the bee kiss on her leg, OUCH!

Gina pulling the B Train!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Yankee Clipper & Don

Solo, well mostly solo miles today. Gina had things to do preparing for a birthday party tonight. 44 miles/ 16.9 average speed. Wow what a windy day. I was killing it at the start of the ride. Had a 17.3 from Rampart to Yorba Park. Then held a 17.2 into the wind from Yorba to Edna Park. From there it was all down hill ha ha! I was pushing as hard as I could and only doing 14 MPH the last 2 mile stretch from the wooden bridge to the beach.

Ran into Don there who was doing his usual 53. I had to rush back so I took a short break chatting with Don about videos. Notice the recorder on his helmet, he's entering the video world ha ha! We headed off together so that I could take a few shots of Don in action. As soon as we hit the trail, he took off like a bullet. I had to warm my legs back up so it took me a couple of miles to catch him. Finally I caught on the back and got a little draft so that I could take a breather and whip out my camera. I took a few shots then moved to the front. We held a pretty good pace on the return. We were pumping pretty good and after viewing Don's Strava, I noticed he had a whole bunch of 2nd and 3rd awards on his segments. BUT I also counted 18 PR's (personal records) along the way. Way to go DON!

Along the way back, some dude joined us for a while. Near the final miles of my return (12 miles/ Don still had 21 miles on his return) the dude insisted on taking the front. We were doing fine but he moved up anyway which was cool! Not very often does someone "volunteer" to take the front ha ha! So why not ?!

On the early section of my ride, I stopped at Yorba for a breather before heading back to the coast. This dude rode up and started chatting with me right away, friendly feller! We spoke about rides, experiences, the trail etc. Turns out we've both been out there for quite some time. I probably won't get this right but he mentioned starting up some org called "HUBBA" (told you I would not get it right). I forgot the specifics but turns out I might have met one of his partners back in 05 or 06. I saw some guys stop and start sweeping up some debris on the trail (broken glass). I'm figuring that was his buddy working with him. Some tri dude I want to say his name was Bob.

I figured that out after the dude told me that he went by "Yankee Clipper". Why? Because he carries clippers with him (see pic). He stops and clips away branches, twigs, etc whatever can be a hazard along the trail. He also mentioned something about being a trail runner and clipping twigs clearing stuff from the running trails as well, for the safety of the runners. Very cool! I may not get all the details correct, but you get the idea. So if you see this guy out there, say thanks! ;-)

We rode  together for a little bit so I did manage to get a few shots of the guy. Least I could do for his efforts cleaning the trail! :-)

                                 Yankee Clipper (there is a story to the name!) Hope I got the name right.                                                                        Could be Patriot Clipper ha ha!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

41 miles at 16.6 MPH average speed. Saw Ron and Dixie at the start, then again at the coast for a little, well a long visit ha ha! The legs really cool down then it's hard to get started again. Nice day but seemed to be getting a bit chilly at the coast. Alex stopped by too!

Good stiff headwind on the way to the coast. I really didn't think Gina would ride today. Last couple of days she had been complaining about a stuffy nose. But she did really well today. A few times she would pass me on the little hills ha ha! She didn't even looked tired today. On the way to the coast she wouldn't shut up though. She was talking about all kinds of stuff so I was like, "Gina, shut up, save your energy!". Maybe she didn't need it though cause she passed me up a few times ha ha!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hi Longjohn

A short video I made of the locals saying hi to a dude in Western PA. who likes to hear the interaction with people on my videos. He says I speak well with the people but honestly, I hear myself sounding like a blundering idiot ha h a! It's hard to think of things to say at times. :-P

Anyway, a few riders saying hi to Longjohn. ;-)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday SART

Another 35 today at a 16.4 average with Gina. Nice day, sunny and better at the coast.

We ran into Don at the coast. Trying out this new recorder so hopefully we see some videos soon. Tony and his friend stopping by for a quick hello. Frank for a pic and a quick visit with Gina. I was busy talking with the peeps. Also Kevin who we have not seen out there in like forever! Maybe 8 years or so.

Gina did really well today, better than yesterday.

Tony and his friend

Jose and Joaquin




Saturday, March 11, 2017

Scaring The Homeless Thugs on SART ha ha!

44 miles with Gina today, 16.5 average. Ran into Ron and Dixie after 7 miles or so. Then Whosoever showed up right as we were about to leave.  Ron and Dixie took the front for most of the trip to the coast from Yorba. I was happy to sit at the back and take a free ride figuring once the wind got tough, I would step up and help them out. It did get windy and I pulled about the last 7 miles to the coast. It was a tough headwind but a good workout! Nice sunny warm day but once the coast was in sight, we could see the big blanket of fog. Bummer! Got chilly sitting around so we headed back with Ron and Dixie. About 5 miles in, they pulled away from us and I had no intentions of trying to keep up with them. I knew Gina would tire down the road. I did see them when we crossed the Edna bridge and vanished into the curves of the golf course section. So I was actually pretty happy that Gina did that well.

So, yeah there is a big debate among people about the homeless on SART. More trouble and more danger for us all. Some people think I should feel for them. Sorry! Couple years back there were a few, maybe 10 that were out there that seemed mentally unstable. Now, there are a couple thousand and my opinion, they are more thugs and drug addicts than people who are down on their luck.

People down on their luck don't shout things at you when you roll by. People down on their luck do not park rather nice cruisers in the middle of the lanes and go into the homeless camps looking to smoke dope! People down on their luck don't try to scare you into an accident. People down on their luck don't piss all over the trail so that you have to roll through it and splatter your legs with piss, including the women cycling out there.

Sorry, can't feel for ya! Today we were approaching Chapman. A couple was getting ready to cross the trail. Cycling traffic from both sides, several bikes. The guy sees us, the lady stops but the guy decides to stroll across the path forcing everyone into a defensive mode. anybody with common sense would know you have to make sure it is clear out there but this moron you know did it out of spite..=

So we roll by and I shout," WOW, TALK ABOUT STUPID!!!". I heard him shout something and heard his lady start shouting as well. Whatever! I just held my finger up saluting them as we rolled away.

On the return, we approached another section of homeless camps. We are almost done with our ride so we slow down. As I am approaching a section that is blocked with bikes, crack whore looking women and a bunch of thug looking guys, I start to ring my bell. I shout, "coming thru!" and continue ringing my bell bu the idiot just blindly walks across the trail. Me? I'm not stupid so I know to slow way down and I am doing about 8 MPH as I approach but the dope still doesn't hear me or pay attention. So he walks right out in front of me!

He sees us and almost jumps out of his pants. You can see them half way down his ass! Well pretty sure he almost shit his pants and I say good, he deserves it for being so inconsiderate to others who actually use the path for what it is intended, not hanging around smoking dope!

Well I guess there is an issue with Anaheim Stadium. I heard the homeless sneak in and use their outlets to charge their phones. I heard one got in a fight with a cyclist and then, somebody stole a tractor and rode around in it for 45 minutes through the parking lot.

I am actually glad to hear that they are causing more trouble. That will be the only way to go until someone considers chasing them out. Sadly, probably nothing will happen till they start robbing people at the stadium before authorities realize this is not a good place for them to be.

                          So anyway, you can see the idiot almost jumping out of his skin ha ha!

Friday, March 10, 2017


Had the day off so I cleaned and lubed the drive trains on our bikes so they run smooth on Saturday. Nice weather so time to clean them up. After I was done, figured why not go for a ride.

Local 16 mile, a bit over 1100 ft of gain. Nice day, high of 86 on the ride. If it gets another 20 degrees warmer, I may consider removing the under layer ha ha!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Local Solo

Tonight was another 15 miler with  1,273 feet. It was real nice to be able to ride with some daylight. I did wear my ankle bands, front and rear lights but it was't dark enough to appreciate them today but hey, it's all good.

I totaled up my rides for the year so far:


11 rides on SART

7 rides on the road from home.


                                                3rd time up to 24th street. Getting shady!

My ankle bands, both feet. NO, I will never shave my legs!

Look Ma, no hands!


Monday, March 6, 2017

A Video For You

Actually, the ride video from this past weekend. Tony, Mark J., Joaquin, Jose, and Gina on SART (3/4/17) . Caught a fly by of Bad Bob and The Legend Greg.

This was me and Mark back in 2003.  My first Ride Around the Bear. 1st of 4.