Saturday, November 5, 2011

GMR 11/05/11

So THAAAAANKS to Alyce we hit up GMR again ha ha! We had a nice easy ride planned but Alyce asks the question last night, "we doing GMR?" Ha ha, there goes our nice ride and now Gina's got to work on the ride. Funny but out of all the riders I know, Alyce is one of the only riders that ASKS for GMR by name ha ha! Cool though, if it weren't for Alyce, we would have been slackers today!

So our plan was to do GMR on Sunday but the rain forecast changed that, Alyce asked so we hit GMR. A few short notice invites to those who had been interested in GMR. So we connect again with Raphael and Jessa. I am a little confused cause last time we met, they had different names ha ha! But they did bring their buddy Dave to the ride. Another invite to JeepSeaHawk of the forums so he was along for the ride.

Figuring R$J were double century riders, my plan was to hang for a while then drop back for Gina. But the whole group was cool. They stuck to our plan so we were able to stay together as a group for pretty much most of the ride. all did very well on the climb including Jessa who has a remarkable story. Wow, the things people overcome!

At the start we caught a glimpse of GMR and Matt heading up. Seemed to be in a hurry but we got in a quick wave. Later we run into Mr GMR at a turnout. Short chat then he was on his way. Always nice to see Bill! Ron on his hybrid rolls up to the shack as we hang around. He keeps eyeballin' the bikes saying they look familiar as if he'd seen them on a site or blog. Nah, not my bike ha ha! We chat for a bit then he continues on to the village.

At the end of the ride, we figure a quick plan for some eats. Hey, what about the rib and chicken joint I mentioned earlier in my post? It was on and we hit up the $5.50 special. I think just about everybody was happy with the meal.

But it was the cycling stories after the meal that were entertaining. Wow, Raphael and Dave are evil ha ha! Some great funny stories and lots of loud laughs going on. Some good stuff, we arrived at the rib joint about 1:30 and didn't leave till nearly 4:00. Like I said, Raphael and Dave are evil ha ha! Great stories! Jessa? Wow, nice lady, very pleasant, sweet but yet a darn good rider. Lots of fun today!

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  1. Of the past three Saturdays, you sure did pick the first winter ride up GMR. It was chilly and I had a mind of doing a River Trail. But all in all Saturday was dry to Sunday morning rain. It looked like a great group. I waited at the shed, but since there were so few people and plenty of cold I left early.

    Good to see everyone having a great time.