Saturday, November 26, 2011

GMR 11/26/11

A super nice day on GMR. Perfect weather for the climb. Gina climbed to the shack while Hillbasher and I hit Peacock Saddle. Had to work off some of the turkey and desserts ha ha! Right away we ran into JMX of the SoCal forums. Dude is crazy! Training for a double he was riding for time. I forget the target number of hours but it was crazy too. He had already gone to the village once and was heading back a second time, WOW! Later I ended up driving up GMR and saw the guy going up a third time, what an animal. I believe he said about 10,000 ft of climbing by the end of his ride.

Also ran across Glendora Mountain Road blogger and Bill. GMR headed back up with us for a bit, another climb repeater ha ha! She rode with us for a bit then headed back down. So the three of us continued on up with Gina doing very well. Heck, she was complaining cause we stopped too much ha ha!

Once HB and I returned from the saddle, we took a picture break at the landing above the shack (Monroe). Along comes Bing and his buddies Jose and I don't remember the other guy's name, sorry. More crazy guys, did GMR, then Crystal lake, back up to GMR then to Bonelli their start point. 82 miles, nearly 10,000 ft of climbing.

Well we started down a couple minutes after Bong, Jose, and buddy. Just after Newman's, we approach a turn and bad news, Jose is laid out in the middle of the road. He's very still and the guys are over him offering assistance. Jose is pretty beat up so we stop approaching traffic and riders. Wouldn't you know, a quiet day but when something happens, every body and their grandmothers show up on motorcycles, hot rods, and bicycles.

The guys startd from Bonelli so their vehicles are not within reach. The guys manage to get Jose up and to the side of the road. Pretty nice of the Harley riders to offer help and cell phones, thanks people! So the guys ask if I can get my truck to give Jose and his bike a ride back to Bonelli to meet them. Sure! We head down, Gina waits at the equestrian center while I drive back up, then deliver Jose to Bonelli park to wait for his friends.

Driving back, Jose didn't look too good. Plenty of scrapes on his arms and hands and can't move his shoulder. Didn't seem to be a clavicle, maybe a separated shoulder? We talked on the return and he seemed to be in his right mind so that was a good sign. The guys were training for the Tour De Francis next weekend. I don't think Jose will be on the ride.

But other than that, a beautiful day. From the mountain, you could see the sun's reflection on the ocean. The picture doesn't do the sight justice!

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  1. JMX is an animal. I rode with him once and we raced together in Chino. Wow!