Sunday, November 13, 2011

SART 11/13/11

Started out as nice quiet ride with Gina, Aimee and Jose. But at the coast we ran into Mark & Gail, Bad Bob in Blue, EricAnderson along with Varone and his buddies. A few stories about the sweet Dogma then they were off. Jeff and Angie soon rolled up so we knew we were in for a fast return. We only did one ride last week so I was surprised that Gina was kicking some butt today. At one point I dropped back to get some footage just when Jeff and Angie dropped the hammer......AGAIN! I just watched as Gina rode their wheel away from me. I had to really work hard to get back up to them. I did catch PinoyBenter and a few of the RiverVelo boyz ride by.

Again, saw Alex2 but he didn't catch us on the return, once again. Wow, trying to keep up with Jeff & Angie on the tandem really lifts our pace. Alex usually catches us but the last two times has fallen short. Fast women, fast bikes making it tough ha ha! We did see EricAnderson as well. I thought he might catch us too but again, those darn fast women! ;-)

One dude in the Simple Green outfit (picture) rode by when I was taking a pic of Gina at the end of our ride. He doubled back and asked if he should take a pic of the two of us. I thanked him even though we didn't but I did grab a pic of the guy. That was nice of him!

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