Saturday, February 25, 2012

GMR 2/25/12

Wow what a nice day on GMR. Expecting 65 high but the average temp was 71. Gina got warm enough to skip on the under layer and eventually removed the jacket for the climb. Started from Boulder Springs with Gina, Aimee, Herb & Alyce, and Hillbasher. Alyce kills me, working 12 shifts but still requests GMR as a fun ride ha ha! We started off together but before the first turn, Aimee was gone! She made her way up to the shack, rested, turned around headed down to meet us then rode back up for extra credit.

Along the way we ran into GMR, Bill and Matt. That darn Bill, the dude looks trim. Lost 20 lbs and looking like a climber. Not to mention he looks 20 years younger. Hm, I wouldn't mind looking 20 younger myself. A short chat then off we went. After Newman's Point JasonA came flying up the mountain. Must have been on an easy recovery ride a is speed was more like 20 rather than 30 ha ha! The dude is an Everest Challenge stud so I didn't feel bad when he dropped me like a hot potato.

We reached the shack, had some laughs then headed down. Nice easy descent, no rider left behind. Nice and easy!

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