Saturday, February 4, 2012

SART 02/04/12

Wow, where to begin? So many friends out there today, some we hadn't seen in a while. First ran into Louie promoting his upcoming Sikad ride to a couple of riders, Ray and Ron. One dude on the trail shouted my name but I'm not sure who he is, I'm thinking a forum member I have not yet met.

Thinking this would be a windless ride compared to last week, I was wrong. Wind pretty strong once again, strong enough to move that huge flag across the river(video)near Kramer. Getting close to the coast Brian and his new bike ride up on us so sure, we need to talk a bit about the new wheels. Once at the coast, we run into Alex2 (missed his pic), Mark & Gail, Herb & Alyce on a 50 mile loop) Doctor Sarah, Mr. Nice Guy Pete, Kevin who we hadn't seen for a long time, Ron & Dixie, Marcello and George doing another Looong ride (also missed the pic).

Well we had planned to head back early but with all the familiar riders we, as always took a bit longer. Thought we'd ride with Marcello and George but the riders kept coming in so we missed the chance, sorry Marcello.

We did head back with a few riders including Dr. Sarah, Herb and Alyce on their tandem but were soon joined by Rona and Dixie flying on their tandem. Ha, too much for us, they were rollin' and when they hit the short downhill, they were G-O-N-E! I had planned to get a pic of them on the tandem, in action but their action blew us away before I could snap a shot ha ha!

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