Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MTB to Base of Potato

Short good climb today. First climb was 3.4 miles with 1,536 feet of elevation gain. After descending i decided to head up the trail for a mile or so, extra credit. Gives me 1,942 feet in 8.9 miles. no lollygaggin', only lost 8 minutes the entire time.

I almost lost it while climbing a steep section. Looks so simple in the video but trying to hold a line on a 22 percent dirt grade is tough.

Did run into a dude heading up while I was heading down. He waved to the recorder then joked a bit about royalties. I like the echoing voices ha ha! One other dude on the way up passing me. He's lucky I was on a recovery ride ha ha!

Near the start, I ran into a couple of ladies asking about the strange thing on my head. I explained then asked them to wave!

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