Saturday, January 28, 2012

Windy SART 1/28/12

A windy day on SART. Forecast said 20 mph winds. Tough in some sections but nothing too tough. Gina and I rode alone today so we were just cruising along. I did fight the wind then let Gina set the pace on the way back to the coast just to let her conserve energy while doing her pace. As we got near Imperial I heard a voice, happened to be Ron of Ron and Dixie. Ron riding with a group of guys in a small pace line. They went by so I figured I'd ride along for a little footage then drop back for Gina. Pretty sure they didn't know I was back there. Later we did see Ron 2 more times, alone. He must have been doing like a hundred miles or sumthin'.

On the way back from the coast to the Leaky Fountain, the wind really kicked up for the remainder of the ride. That was the point I had to slow down a bit for Gina. So the last 4 miles was a real good workout for her ha ha!

At the coast we ran into Ray (a frequent flier on SART) and 72 y/o in line skate racer Steve. Steve coming off his 72 mile skate last weekend celebrating his 72 nd birthday, DANG! Also getting ready for a big race in NY and planning to win his age group once again!

Windy but beautiful day. Not too many riders out but still a good ride.


  1. Holy Crap, i dont know if you remember me or not from BikeForums but i can't believe you're still doing these weekly SART rides!!

    I fell off for a while and haven't been on the bike in over a year and im looking to get back on soon it would be nice to see a familiar face out on the trails.

    cya around beanz

  2. Yup, we're still out there Tom. Been out there for a consistent 15 years ha ha! If you gave me a hint of who you are, I'd more than likely remember you .....if we've met. ;-)