Saturday, January 7, 2012

SART 01/07/12

Met some new people on SART today, from New York, San Diego and a couple of locals. Derick, Ferdinand, Yvette and Romella (hope I got the correct spelling). Gina and I were just starting out at the Leaky Fountain when a rider rolls by and shouts "Beanz". I look over and see a set of huge quads on an orange bike. Nope, don't think I know the guy but he and the small group of riders roll by. Later we run into them on the return as they are pulled over on the side of the road. So we stop to chat and meet. Nice people with a couple trying SART for the first time. I think they were out for a nice little cruise seeing as Derick looked really fit and I figured his huge quads could really push his bike at a pretty good clip if he liked, but the group was at cruising speed today. So I did my thing and snapped a few pics of the riders.

Gina and I did a 50 miler while trying to limit our stops. We had only 10 minutes of rest time up until I ran into a few riders. Met up with Jose, back on the bike after crashing on GMR 6 weeks ago. Good to see him back. Now Bad Bob of the Haircut Crew, with a helmet? See if you can spot him in the video ha ha! Wow, seemed like minimal stop time but turns out it was a little more than I thought. That darn Gina talks too much ha ha!

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