Saturday, December 31, 2011

GMR New Years Eve 12/31/11

Last day of the year and last ride so what better than a GMR ride with Herb and Alyce. Actually it was Alyce's idea, she's killing us with the GMR rides ha ha! Not many riders at all up there. A few but not many. Lovin' the Garmin. Now I can see why my legs burn on certain sections of the road he he!

We did the shack then a little more. Gals didn't seem too happy once we past the fork so we traveled a bit then headed back. Ran into fast Jason claiming to be out of shape, yeah sure! Spoke for a short bit hen turned to head back once Herb told me the gals headed back.

After the ride we hit the chicken and ribs place. Ended up sitting by a few loud potty mouth teen young adult types. Finally they leave but what do they do, hang around my truck. I really hate people leaning on my truck and having the bikes in the back makes me nervous. So Herb and I joke about what we'd do if they tried something. He says we can go out an rough them up a bit ha ha! Not soon after Herb says one dude keeps looking into my truck, WHAT THE HEY!!!!

I keep my eyes on the guy and sure enough he reaches into the back of my truck and pull something out. Before Gina even knows what is going on I'm out the door and heading towards the 5 or 6 guys. I approach the guys and ask WTF are you guys doing reaching into my truck. They say they aren't but I said I saw this dude here pull something out then one guy say she was puling his drink out of the back of my truck. OK, now WTF! Why are you putting your drink in my truck?

I'm thinking they're going to get smart but they just kind of hang there heads and smile in embarrassment. Cool, save me some trouble but as I look back, Herb is right behind me ready to throw down with the young guys. I thought Herb was kidding about roughing them up but he was more than willing ha ha! Gina says as soon as I ran out, Herb was right behind me. Dude's got my back and honestly, I think we could have taken all 6. If I could have taken out 2, I think Herb could have taken out the other 4 ha ha! Either way, I told the dude, "Look, I wouldn't mess with your SH!T, so don't mess with mine!". So they moved a few paces from my truck and believe me, my eyeball was on them. Don't make me send Herb out after you again!

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