Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Buddy BoyLd (Boyd)

If you believe in God, please say a prayer for our Buddy Boyd. If not, send some BIG wishes for better health. Just found out a few days ago that he is in a serious battle with cancer. We've known Boyd since the beginning of our SART rides back in 96. Always been a fun loving guy. A total class act of a man! The kind of guy that could talk to anyone while making them feel like a friend.

Really don't know what to say when misfortune shines it's ugly face on a good friend like BoyLd. He's had some serious health battles in his life, heart issues and maybe one or two here and there but has always come out on top. All we can hope for is that he wins again and will one day join us again on SART.

Here's to your good health Boyd!

The heart breaking news from Mrs. Boyd:

Dear Friends & Family,

The time has come for me to share some unpleasant news regarding the health of my dear husband, Boyd. For several months over the summer, he was experiencing difficulty with swallowing & digestion. On October 25th, it was discovered during an endoscopy (scope down the throat) that he has a tumor at the base of his esophagus, right at the junction with the stomach. Biopsies confirmed cancer. After several CT and PET scans, it was discovered that some of his lymph nodes and his liver are also involved, thus ruling out surgery, at least for now. The current plan is to do chemotherapy, once every three weeks, commencing tomorrow. Also, he will undergo radiation therapy five days a week for five weeks, beginning soon. If these treatments are successful, then perhaps he will be a candidate for surgery. He is increasingly uncomfortable, has lost a lot of weight and finds eating a chore, so he is anxious to begin the treatments. We would appreciate your good thoughts and ongoing prayers as we face this challenge over the next days and months.



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