Sunday, December 4, 2011

SART 12/4/11

Another 42 miles on SART with Gina and Jose(El Monarcha). Had planned a GMR ride for this day but after several riders started to back out on the forums, I figured what the heck, working OT and the wind messing with my sinuses, I sure didn't feel like dealing with the wind or cold temps. The one big reason I didn't want to post the ride as the organizer, no obligation to show if things weren't working out with my schedule.

So we hit up SART instead and a late start. Trail seemed fairly empty. Wind forecasts tend to do that ha ha! Usual strong headwinds but nothing like the wind we had in Upland a couple days ago. Ran into Mark and Gail at the coast and a ride return together. We pretty much let the gals take the lead on the way back. Nice pace, I fell back a time or two having to work to catch back on.

Also met Brian and his new sweetheart Evelyn at the coast. Looks like a pretty happy guy! But poor Homeless Steve, someone stole his bike, BUMMER!

Got a little hungry after the ride so I had to stop at a Juan Pollo for some shlicken!

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