Saturday, December 24, 2011

Well I Got My Garmin

Finally, gave in after some Gina encouragement to go Garmin. Of course working OT at work hasn't left me much time to ride but YES!! A week off will do the trick! With all the OT, I was able to buy my own Christmas present, a Garmin Edge 500. Now I'm cool like the rest of the cool cats sportin' Garmins he he he!

I'm just so happy that I still have room for my Incredi-I-Bell.


  1. MR. Beanz, just got the edge 500 myself. Love it. Had a couple problems mapping a route using google maps and being able to convert it into a useable course to follow but after scouring the net I found some assistance and used it to plot a route out to Christmas dinner. it's a great tool.

    I'll be traveling out to LA in a few weeks (staying in santa ana, for a couple days than possibly staying right in LA over the weekend days, not sure yet.) If you know of any places you recommend my gf and I go to rent bikes, I'd appreciate it.

    Dave (formerly known as Bike Forums member CPFITNESS

  2. Wow, I don't deal much with bike shops so I really wouldn't know, especially in that area. We ride there but being from 30 miles away, I don't know the shops. There may be one about 5 miles from SA called Rock N Road in Yorba Linda, Maybe Orange Cylces in Orange (near SA) but I really wouldn't know about rentals :-(