Saturday, January 14, 2012

SART 01/14/11

Started off the ride with Aimee, Herb & Alyce on the tandem, and Gina. Supposed to rain tomorrow so we figured we'd do 50 instead of the usual 42. As soon as we left we run into JTCastillo at the HC park. I figured he catch us on the road so there was no need to take pics at that point. Sure enough he and his bud rolled by giving me a chance to capture them in action.

So they turn out at Yorba Pak and we continue on to Gypsum where we run into crazy Alex2. Crashed last week and against his family's wishes, he rides today. Now that's a cyclist ha ha! We ride with him for a while toward the coast, then he rolls on as we stop for water.

So running into Mark and Gail for a bit, they turn off and wait for friends. So back to the 5 of us, we roll into the wind. Just when I think everyone is tired, Herb and Alyce take the front and push the pace. Wow, they're rolling and killing all of us ha ha! Finally we it the coast and have a few laughs.

There we run into Marcello and his buddies. I'd hate to be one of this guy's new ride buddies. Seems they get initiated with an 85 miler ha ha, no thanks! We talk for bit then they head back. We leave a little bit later to enjoy the tailwind return. But upon return to my truck, we see El Monarcha run up for a visit. Poor guy had to work, no riding but he got in a good 4 mile run. Always fun on the trail.

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