Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday GMR (1/8/12)

Well Gina was sick so I rode alone about 2:45. Ran into 3 other riders that seemed to turn back at the 4 mile point. Pretty much alone to the shack, did see one guy coming down. Started out nice and warm with some sunshine but how quickly that changes in the shadows of the mountain. The descent was chilly and I need to quit listening to Gina..."oh it's warm outside, you won't need your leg cover" hahahaha!

On the slow side but I did feel pretty good on the climb considering yesterday's flat 50 miler almost killed me.;-)


  1. Beanz you are down right speedy, 38 mph max and 1 hour 47 round trip. Dude you are moving mountains. Bill said it was 20 degrees cooler on Saturday than Wednesday, guess you burned a few more calories on the downhill.

  2. Downhill speedy but uphill? Not so much ha ha! I did only take 15 seconds rest to adjust my rattling pump he he!