Saturday, March 3, 2012

GMR 3/3/12

Another nice ride up to the shack with Herb & Alyce, Aimee and Hillbasher. Saw Matt and GMR for a brief time, little bit of chat then they were on their way. Of course as soon as we hit the GMR gate Aimee way ahead of everyone else. Wow, last week was her second time up and first time she kept track of her time to the shack. Last week 1 hour, 3 minutes and some change. This week, 1 hour and a few seconds. Wow, if she trained and studied this road, she'd take lots of time off with a little GMR training. She's and ANIMAL! I mean that in a good way he he!

As we headed down I saw BobH (new blog linked on mine to the right). I remember suggesting he and his buddy Dave try GMR. It was a few years back when we met them on SART. Surprisingly, they were up there the next week heading to the village. So it's nice to see Bob has made GMR one of his frequent fun rides. The gals had started down a couple minutes ahead of us so sadly I didn't have a chance to stop for a chat as we rolled by.

This was a first for me on this ride. Well, first time ever seeing a couple of very young children riding up GMR. Parents had those attachment type thingies on their MTB's. OK, so now I've seen too many riders looking for an excuse to avoid GMR but these people had to be strong to work these kids up the hill. Dad must have been very strong cause he went flying by us on the way up. Mom was a bit behind but when she reached the shack, she was cranking too. Well I could say the kids were carrying their weight the whole time but according to Mom and Dad, this ain't always true. But I did hear that "Snakey Wakey" helped them pedal some ha ha! If you can't view the video, kids had a rubber snake named "Snakey Wakey". The kids were just too cute! Little boy was full of energy but once I turned on the recorder, he got a bit shy ha ha! And I must say, Mom was very prepared with the foods. Ketchup containers and all sorts of food. We ad to leave cause I was getting hungry ha ha!


  1. It was good to see you up on GMR Saturday. The timing was just off a little bit as I got a late start. I didn't want you to stop just to talk as you were on your way down already, and I needed to get to the top so I could rest - Anyway, I decided to imitate you and create a blog. I am still using my cell phone camera, and no video, so don't worry, I won't present much of a threat to your viewership - Ha Ha. Thanks for adding my blog to your list, take care and I hope to see you and Gina out on the road soon.

    1. Ha ha ha Bob! Glad you started the blog, we need more bike stuff to view. Sorry I couldn't stop but the gals had already headed down. Nice to see that you have been enjoying GMR. ;-)