Sunday, March 11, 2012

SART 3/11/12

Well I didn't get ride footage since our new buddy didn't make the ride. I was saving the time for his ride but as luck would have it, he had a mechanical before reaching the rendezvous point. So a text then we found ourselves with the same riders so figured I'd get by on today's ride with pictures.

But then JohnR showed up at the coast with is honey Leslie. Heck, John is a good poster and viewer so I had to get him on video. As we arrived at the coast there was a dude there so heck, let's talk to him too. Jorge from Durango vacationing in California. Mostly Spanish speaking, some English but knowing he was comfy with Spanish, I had him say hi in Spanish so that when his buddies saw the video, he'd seem cool! Nice guy, hung around with us for some laughs and chat.

EricAnderson also showed up so I had to ask. I hadn't seen him on his upright in a while. Well our little chat gave him a chance to show off his wife's Power Balls. Back on the bent for his brevets and those 200+ mile rides. Dude also looks thin. Guess eating right does that, I'll have to try it some time ha ha!

Bad Bob also showed up for some laughs. He did ride back with us for most of the return with some loving, err I mean liking words for The Legend Greg, "Quit being a sissy and get back on our bike". I'm not quite sure what the message is there but those are the words Bad Bob used ha ha!

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