Sunday, March 4, 2012

SART 3/4/12

Another 42 mile trail ride with, well where do we start? Started with Gina, Herb & Alyce, Aimee, El Monarcha, and Chuck. As soon as we started rolling Alyce said to Aimee, "go ahead Aimee take the front." Boy was that a mistake. Heading into the wind Aimee just took off. Gina went with her and I'm not one to argue but I quickly fell behind. Next thing I know I am doing 23 trying to catch them. The gals sad they never hit more than 16, I say different but again, who am I to argue he he! Either way Aimee was working it into the wind. We blew by several riders, I was holding on for dear life. Few dudes here and there managed to hop on the back of the line.

I did see a couple of guys stopped near the mini mart near Kramer. Dudes tried to play "slick" cause next thing I know they are drafting the line hanging onto the back. I look back to make sure Gina is still on and that is when I spot the dudes. OK, classic move, now they are going to roll by and pretend that they were holding a conversation. So after the classic side by side we're just cruising act, they pull away for a short bit. Sure you had us fooled....NOT! The wind is stiffer now and the dudes start to bop their heads looking for a little extra power and they stat to draft each other. Uh oh! The act is over and the fade begins. For a few seconds I thought about going to the front to give Aimee a hand to reel them back but I decided against it once I saw Aimee was closing the gap just holding her pace.

So a couple minutes later we're (Aimee) just about to pass them but we hit our turn around point. Funny, I'm sure they will say they were just minding their own but dudes, you got "chicked" ha ha! But don't worry too much, Aimee is a POWERHOUSE so you need not feel bad! ;-)

So heading back to the coast from Imperial Alyce lifts the pace and we're all rolling pretty good. Wow, what did I get myself into today? Riders move up and next thing I know Herb and Aimee are flying away but the regroup is Edna so we don't worry about losing contact. We rest for a bit then head to the coast. Then it happens, I flat, front flat. OK, go with the GP4000's, they've got good resistance to punctures. What! I never flat in the front but today I did on a fairly new expensive tire. ;-(

The crew waits as I suggest they go ahead but they feel bad leaving me, I guess I am loved or something ha ha! But once we start, they don't feel bad anymore and they left me. That's when Jeff catches us from behind. He chats for a bit but being a fast dude I let him know ABEC and Aimee were just ahead. So he takes off but never bridges the gap. Did I mention Aimee is and animal?

So we all reach the coast and have good time. Visit with Tony and Jed19, Alan and Tammy too. Just another nice day on the trail!

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