Saturday, March 10, 2012

SART 3/10/12

A beautiful day on the trail. Nice at the beach and Gina did very well on the bike. We've been walking up the hill during the week trying to get some mid week exercise in and it payed off for Gina. She said she felt great today. A little too good for me, I really have to keep an eye out or she'll soon drop me ha ha!

We had plans to meet ABEC but you know those young guys and late nights. He did meet up with us at Imperial. Alex was heading South near Lake View when he saw us so he turned back and did a little extra credit back to Imperial for a chat. So the three of us headed to the coast once Alex2 turned off the trail. Man, the closer we got to the coast, the stiffer the headwind as usual.

Once at the coast we ran into Dan for a few words and jokes. Marcello and George were also there so planning to be back early, we didn't hang long and started the return with Marcello and George. I told the guys before we left the coast that we'd warm back up for 1/2 mile then pick up the pace a bit while I tried to capture them on video. So 1/2 mile goes by then Marcello picks it up to like 89 mph ha ha! Then ABEC then George. I think the two had a BBQ waiting at home so as you can see, we have a few seconds of M&G video ha ha!

We weren't far behind when we ran into Keith (Cachequatch) stopped with some buds at the end of the first wooden bridge. I didn't hear him call out but Gina did so we quickly turned back for a hello. He's doing a ride with some friends who are camera shy so I took a pic of Keith and his Cyclocross bike. Also a pic of Alex2 at the start. Hm, the camera was hiding today ha ha!

As we were chatting Jeff rolled up and waited for us. So we said our good bye's and headed up the trail only to find ABEC had returned to join us. I'm not sure what got into Gina but she was on today. In the video you can hear ABEC asking her "what did you put in your water today?" ha ha! She did ride strong so I think it's time to pick up my game...or be dropped!

At the beginning of the video, I caught Eric Anderson rolling by thinking he was unnoticed he he!

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