Sunday, March 18, 2012

Going Slightly Mad

So like the rain is driving me mad. Just picked up a new chain, water bottle for Gina's Seat tube cage. Used on GMR climbs but the traditional bottles were driving me crazy leaking water onto her frame after I'd clean the bike. Ya need a second bottle on GMR and the large Podium bottles would not fit the tight spot on her compact frame. Also picked up a cassette online at a good price. Pretty cool! Online deliveries supply a cute little box and reading material for a visit to the throne ha ha!

Now the going mad part, the RAIN! Nice shiny stuff ready to roll but heck no, new stuff in the rain? I don't think so! Cabin fever drives me to playing board games. But we visit my Mom about once a week for a weekly show down. This time I took the first 3 games of Trouble and Gina a game of Yahtzee. We play 3 games at a time to add some variety. Last week Mom whipped me on the board and talked trash the entire time so this week, I brought my recorder to capture the pay back ha ha!...OK, so she didn't talk trash last week, just laughed the whole time.

So I've gone mad, no riding, no ride pics or video, just a crazy game video late night at Ma's house.

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