Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GMR Ride Not So Good! ;-(

So I had a chance to ride GMR today with Hillbasher so I figured I'd get there a bit early and warm up, test the new chain on the climb stuff. Everything went well but knowing a segment on Strava was the first 1.7 mile point, I tried to pick it up a bit. Doing OK then about 100 yards before the end of the segment, I just pooped out!

I stopped to catch my breath and thinking I was going to puke as HB rolled by. I figured this was a chance to capture a pic of the view. The plan was to recover then work my way back if I could. I must have been delirious thinking I took about 5 pictures but I only took one ha ha!

When I got back on the bike I could see HB up ahead on a switchback. He's doing well so I have to relax, recuperate then try to catch up. FO'GET THAT! Coming up to the 4mile point he is out of sight. I've slowed my pace, got a pain in my chest and it ain't happening. Halfway up the straightaway I see HB far ahead on the saddle of the mountain. Gees, he'll have to stop and take a nap for me to catch back up. So I remount start heading up by the end of the straightaway my legs just won't push and the pain won't leave. So at this point, I have to say, this is the first time in Beanz History that I have failed to make it to he shack. Hillbasher did well but no excuses for me, I just sucked today, GRRRR!

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