Saturday, February 2, 2013

GMR 2/2/13

 It's back, the SART Journal ongoing thread Here it is in the forum under "Ride Reports"..or just follow the link.

                SART Journal 2013

Well, after a long absence on GMR, Alyce talked us into riding GMR to the shack. Gina wan't happy but figured she'd give it a chance. Being sick for a long period of time, pretty sure Gina was feeling it today. But she's a trooper. I figured and I think Herb figured she'd say "uncle" at about mile 2. But she fought her way up and that's what counts. If you can't make it on your worst day........

Alyce on the other hand just seemed to float up the mountain today. We think she's been training secretly ha ha! And what is a good GMR ride without encountering the ever cool Mat. Guy always has something nice to say. Along with the famous GMR Blogger and Bill the super photographer dude! Always nice to see run into them. We talked for a bit then figured we might catch Gina. Alyce I'm sure was gone but maybe Gina. Nope, didn't happen. She must have rode herself into form somewhere along the way cause she was gone.

I've been sick myself but figured I better do a little climbing since I got suckered into doing the Palm Springs century next weekend. Darn flu but I figure if I don't puke more than twice on the century, I'm doing OK!

All in all a nice day and a nice ride! Oh yeah, what's a good GMR ride without Chicken and Ribs after?

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