Sunday, February 17, 2013

SART 2/17/13

 It's back, the SART Journal ongoing thread Here it is in the forum under "Ride Reports"..or just follow the link.

                SART Journal 2013

Not too much happening. A windy ride with Gina and Jose. Krylon with a fly by hello but sadly the recorder was off. A fly by hello with Bad Bob. who was nearly taken out head on by some dope from a fixie group who was riding all over the trail without paying attention. Greg rode by but I missed him through a crowded section. Just another 41 miler on the trail.

Nobody at the beach

                                       I had no other subjects today so I took pics of Gina ha ha!


                                                                     Heading back

                                                   OK, I admit it., I'm an Ass Man!

                                         Not a mustache man but I took his pic anyway ha ha!

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