Saturday, September 7, 2013

GMR 9/7/13

GMR ride video with some SART at the tail end. I like AC/DC so I used a few songs for the long video. A ride with Herb and Alyce. Hot but bearable, not as bad as past weeks. Not as much sweat so the bug spray stayed on a little better. Must have worked cause Alyce didn't use any and got bit by several bugs. Poor Alyce is dealing with bookoo bug bites this week.  Ride went well with the exception of Herb flatting on the descent. Lots of glass on the road today. Two areas, about 3 miles up and 4 miles up, some idiot figured it would be funny to smash a bottle and spread it out for the riders. OK, so I can understand that some moron would get their thrills from this if the riders are riding up the road. But on the descent a rider could be seriously injured or even killed. Too bad they don't have the intelligence to consider this.

We did see Matt, GMR and Bill ride by as we arrived at the start. Deep in concentration they didn't see us. Also ran into John R at the shack. He and his little group flying up the mountain found a couple of minutes to stop and say hello.

Gina did very well once again on the climb as did Alyce. Both went up nicely and at a consistent pace. No low slow points which is good in the heat considering both are a little heat intolerant. But another good ride!

                                                       Some familiar faces, err I mean hineys!

                                                               One of my favorite views

                                                                 Ahhhh some shade!

                                                      Back is all sweaty, I like it! ;-)

                                                          Shweaty Gina at the shack

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