Monday, September 2, 2013

SART 9/2/13

Nice ride on SART Memorial Day. Gina and I set out for a nice smooth 42 miler after sweating like dogs on GMR Saturday. Saw Alex heading the opposite direction right after we started. He's doing 85 today after doing 100 miles 2 days prior. Wow, that is some mileage. Said he felt good and no fatigue. Nice! It was an average of 90 degrees on SART this day but actually felt nice. Two days earlier it was only 82 average but it felt WAY hot IMO. Maybe the 67% humidity had something to do with it. But it was nice to be on a cool warm SART for the day.

We did run into Tammy at the parking place. She's back on the bike after a knee surgery and doing well. We don't see them much anymore as they ride in the late late afternoon but she say she was back on the bike 2 weeks after the surgery, wow! They left a bit before us an in the opposite direction so the the only action shot I got of Alan was hitting the CamelBack!

Jordan, Herb, and Alyce were at the coast when we arrived. Had a few good laughs over Herb's new jersey. Alyce ordered it for him online but once he saw it he said it looked like a Pez dispenser spaceman inside a condom ha ha! So we had to have a few laughs with that. After Jordan and Alex left, Herb and Alyce headed back with us for the 12 mile return back to our start.

We were cruising at a decent pace on the way back. The video looks like we are barely moving in the scene but we're doing 19 and had an 18.6 average for that little 7 1/2 mile Strava segment. Not bad! 

Alan action shot of the day!

                                                       Tammy and what's his name!

                                                  My Garmin/Go Pro/ Bell set up ;-P

                                        Alex and Jordan......No, I'm the real Superman debate!

                                                   On the return, Gina Herb & Alyce

                                    Look ma, no hands! We held a decent clip on the way back

Alyce laughing after doing bad things with her hand. That Pez dispenser jersey looks like a spaceman in a condom. Alyce bought it for Herb online ha ha!

                                             OK, that is what I meant when I said "Pose"!

                                               Record speed for Alyce, she's pretty happy!

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