Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Bike Mike!

Well our ol buddy Mike asked us if we were planning to ride on Saturday. Yup! Gave him the info and he was there. I knew he had just bought a new bike so I brought along my recorders. Who doesn't want to see themselves on their new bike ha ha? So we set off for a 45 miler. Gina had plans for Sunday so we rolled beyond the detour. At Yorba Park we ran into Jose of RiverVelo and his buddy Seph (spelling?). Had a quick chat then headed off. At the coast we ran into Ron & Dixie. Mark & Gail were also there and joined us for the return leg. :-)

                                                            Jose of River Velo

                                                        His buddy Seph (spelling?)

                                                                    Nice Ride!

                                                               Mike's new bike!

                                                                      Happy Mike

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