Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Fun SART

Ride video, bit cooler, more wind, lot less rider.

Wish I had my recorder on when the dope on the bent almost ran Gina off the road. I pulled up to his side and said a few words to him, he didn't react. I'm glad he didn't stop at our mid refills spot or I would have politely fed him some nasty words. 10 miles later he happened to be at our usual rest stop telling stories to our friends of how a great riding veteran he is. I had cooled off by the so I just sat away from the dope. Before he left he came over to Gina and apologized.

His move: He had been behind us for 6 miles, about 40 yards back. We followed the trail, I don't know what he did but later he came down a ramp to enter the trail. Gina was about a foot from the white line on the right side of our lane. He came up from behind her, about 5 yards after the ramp ended. He squeezed in the tight area on Gina's right and scared the snot out of her. She had no idea he squeezed that big bulky bike into the tight little spot. I thought he bumped her elbow.  What a dumbazz! 3 of us on the trail, nobody around, entering the trail and he has to squeeze into a tight little spot. Couldn't lose 5 seconds off his pace after trailing us for 6 miles?

I was expecting him to pass us way before as we were just cruising holding the pace down. But I guess he knows all about safety and courtesy since he is quite the experienced rider! 

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  1. Well, I join you in being banned forever from BFN, They have been gunning fir me fir awhile. A number of us have joined together on Facebook if you are interested in joining us. I always considered you a valuable contributor. Me - I never do well with the rules of bureaucracies.