Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday SART

Ahh nice day! A little cool for Gina, she was expecting heat. Hey, I read the forecast to her ha ha! It was somewhat overcast when we hit the coast but knew it was almost misty somewhere. When we reached the coast Charlie and his wife were there. They started much earlier and told us that it was misty earlier at the coast. Well ya see, that is why we don't ride early. That and not being able to get Gina out of bed ha ha! Had a good chat with Charlie on racing. Got some first hand info on the race scene.

Mark and Gail showed up and stayed for a visit. We all headed back together. Mark was doing a good job with the pull so I just sat back and took pictures ha ha! Gail is a funny one! She doesn't ride in like forever then after a couple of rides back, she's out there riding like she hasn't missed a beat. If I took that kind of time off the bike, I'd be hurting big time! Maybe it was her new shoes, being purty in pink and all! :-P

But as Mark is my witness, I am not the type of rider to suck wheel for 12 miles then sprint around for the victory ha ha!

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