Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday SART

44.5 miles @ 15.7 MPH average. Tried to slow it down a bit today just for the sake of a cruise. We did get a few showers, enough to wet the road but not soak it thank goodness. I hate gritty gunky bikes. Gina and I started out together then later picked up Mike about 10 miles later. Then another dude along the way (pic). He sat on our wheel for about 10 miles then said thanks once he turned off at the coast, which was cool.

We did see Alex at Yorba Park. He headed of a bit before us but saw him on the side of the road when it began to rain. The rain picked up little by little but after a couple miles I figured it would stop soon. He was pulled over and shouted "rain" as we rolled by. I'm not sure but I think he turned around cause we never saw him after that. Funny thing is, it stopped about 2 minutes after we saw him ha ha!

On the return leg we passed some dude who looked like he was really struggling. He hopped on no problem. But we were just cruising not pushing too hard. He sat back there for a mile or so and then all of a sudden, he's sitting on Gina's side. Uh OK, 3 of us, you should be like #4 unless there is some kind of problem. Not sure why he would sit on the side. I figured it was kind of like he was saying, look at me, I can hold your pace!". I gave him that look like, "beotch, you weren't going that fast when we passed you ha ha!". I had read something in a cycling forum about crushing souls so I put my head down like I was tired. Sure enough he sprinted around like a bat out of hell. I gave him a head start then stomped on the pedals. Gina kept up fine so I picked it up even more and blew by him like he was standing still. There, ya go, now you look really fast ha ha! :-P



                        Next 2 same picture but a little editing to get a solo shot of Mike ha ha!

                         Dude in blue was on the back for a few miles. A least he said thanks!

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