Sunday, June 14, 2015

Search & Destroy!

Search and destroy, exactly ha ha ha! We were on a ride last week when some dudes hopped on the back. No biggie but when I dropped back leaving Gina at the front, some dude who had sucked wheel for 10 miles sprinted around her knowing we were only about 1/2 mile from the coastal end of the trail. OK, first I say if you suck wheel for 10 miles, you don't sprint around at the end while continually looking back like as if to say, "ha ha you can't catch me!". I can be a little competitive but when you do something like that then have a little smirk on your face at the rest stop, you're a marked man ha ha! So today was the search and destroy ride ha ha!

Mike, Jose, and myself made a plan to carry Gina at a pace that was somewhat easier than usual to conserve energy rotating at the front. We missed the guys at the point where they usually start so we just continued to the coast. We weren't sure if the guys would even ride today but sure enough, they showed up, YEAH BABY!

So we waited for them to mount their bikes to head back. We hopped on our bikes and headed back right after they headed out. Wasn't more than a couple of minutes that we caught and passed them. As planned, they hopped on the back as we rolled by. So the plan was for the 3 of us to rotate at the front and keep the pace high. We figured we could bait the guy into taking a pull to get him a little tired but no dice! That's cool cause as soon as we hit the little climb by the 405 they fell off. Gina kicked some butt up that little climb (midweek climbing rides paying off!). Sure enough we dropped the 2 guys but Mike was stuck behind them. Mike is a strong rider so I knew he would catch up but I was worried he would pull the other 2 back up as well. But Mike is a smart rider too ha ha! He sprinted around them on the climb and put a big gap between him and the guys. No way were these guys going to close the gap on Mike. Jose was at the front at this point so I told him to back off a hair. But just then I hear Mike shout, JUST THE 4 OF US NOW!". Yeah baby! I told Jose to go ahead and pick the pace back up since Mike was back with us.

We continued pushing hard and Gina was hanging tough on the return section. She set 4 PR's on Strava. One of which was the 5 mile TT section with a pace of 22.1 MPH! Bob and Greg had caught us from behind so we kept the pace high. Gina seemed to be fine but near the end of the ride she dropped off the pace. I didn't realize she had dropped back so slowed down a bit to wait for her. I looked back over the long section of trail and nowhere were the 2 guys that had been with us early on. Gina got tired later in the ride but hey, she "destroyed" the dude that had dissed her last week ha ha!

                                                     Gina's "your ass is mine' face ha ha!

                                                     The evil "men rule" smile!

Brian and Greg. Greg built a bike back when he was a kid working at a shop for Brian. I guess Brian                       barely found out it was Greg who built his 7/11 Eddie Merckx team bike!

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